HGH's Harmony Road Entrance Will Close to the Public

As part of Humboldt General Hospital’s efforts to improve patient safety, security and privacy, the facility’s Harmony Road entrance will now be locked during normal operations, beginning January 10, 2019.

According to HGH EMS Chief Sean Burke, who oversees the hospital’s security measures, the west-side entrance to the hospital was originally designed for visitors to the Harmony Manor Skilled Nursing and Residential Care Community.

However, with the renovation of that facility two years ago, Harmony Manor now has its own dedicated entrance, as does the Quail Corner Life Enrichment Community.

Cardiac rehabilitation patients, the other group that routinely uses the entrance, will still be able to enter the hospital from Harmony Road, with support from hospital staff.

During normal business hours, the public may use the main entrance to the hospital, located on Mizpah Street, or the parking garage entrance, located at the corner of Mizpah and Haskell streets. After 8 p.m., visitors should enter through the Emergency Department.

Chief Burke said, “We want our hospital to be accessible to those who need to be in the building, but we also want to provide the highest level of protection to our patients, our staff and our community.”