Humboldt General Hospital Welcomes New Revenue Cycle Director

Jason Mercier hasn’t wasted any time jumping into his new role at Humboldt General Hospital.

After less than a month on the job, the new Revenue Cycle Director has fully embraced his responsibility for overseeing revenue activities at the hospital and organizing strategies to increase profitability.

With over 20 years’ experience building and leading teams that arrive at optimal revenue solutions, it’s what Mercier does best.

From enormous systems with revenue in the billions to smaller operations like Humboldt General Hospital, Mercier’s record shows an adept ability to smooth the entire revenue process, from a patient’s check-in at the front desk to the timely and accurate receipt and payment of a bill.

Mercier, who holds a Master of Healthcare Administration from the University of Oklahoma, has utilized his skills across the nation, from his most recent position in Georgia, to Montana, Kentucky, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Utah and Las Vegas.

He says he is pleased to have now landed in Winnemucca, especially with his affinity for the outdoors and a wide range of woodworking hobbies.

His wife, and the last of their combined 10 children, will soon make their way here from Montana. He is looking forward to being together and digging into his new position and the potential he sees here.

“I was surprised at the capabilities of this facility and how nice it is,” said Mercier of Humboldt General Hospital.

Mercier said he has been pleased with the staff, their kindness and skillsets, and with the work set out for him.

“There are a lot of things we can do here,” he said. “I’m excited to get started.”

Mercier leads Humboldt General Hospital’s Business Services Department, assuming the position vacated by Business Office Manager Shauna Barsanti at her retirement June 3.