Long Term Care Nurse Says Goodbye After 30 Years at HGH

On September 28, 2019, Diane Nevis closed the door on what she says has been one of the most wonderful chapters in her life.

The longtime nurse retired from the Harmony Manor Skilled Nursing and Residential Care Community and the Quail Corner Life Enrichment Community after 30 years of dedicated service.

Even though she won’t be working full-time at Humboldt General Hospital, Nevis said her three decades serving the long term care residents at the two facilities will stay with her forever.

“You can take the girl out of the hospital, but you can’t take the hospital out of the girl,” she said.

Nevis began her nursing career in Elko before moving to Winnemucca in the late 1970s. She shared, “I worked at HGH when it was old, old Humboldt General Hospital. We worked every department and we did everything from one end to the other.”

After four years, she went to work for Dr. Frank Sykes for seven years followed by one year with Dr. Richard Ingle. Finally, she made her way back to Humboldt General Hospital; it’s a decision she has never regretted.

“My work, my friends, my residents, they have gotten me through some really tough times,” she said. “That’s the best part about Humboldt General: When tragedy hits, we all come together.”

She told a group of past and present co-workers at her retirement celebration September 27: “That’s what you did for me, and I’m so lucky to have all of you. You filled me with your love.”

Nevis’s co-workers responded with kind words of their own. Harmony Manor and Quail Corner Director of Nurses Robin Gillis shared how Nevis’s work ethic impacted her.

“You taught me so much,” she said. “You were the first to come; you came early and stayed late. You always supported me in my role.”

Others shared how Nevis’s care impacted their family members or how Nevis’s small acts—her smiles, kind words and gestures—boosted them in their day-to-day work.

Nevis received the words with graciousness, but said she always felt she was the fortunate one. “I walked away all the time thinking I got the biggest gift.”

HGH Chief Nursing Officer Darlene Bryan presented Nevis with a retirement plaque, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a check representing $100 for every year of service at Humboldt General Hospital. Friends and co-workers added their gifts and flowers to the mix. The group also enjoyed cake and punch from the kitchen.

Nevis said she will enjoy three months of downtime with her children, grandchildren and mother before coming back to HGH as a casual call employee.

“That’s the best part of all of this,” she joked, “I can come back whenever I want.”