Humboldt County's New Year's Baby Arrives at Humboldt General Hospital

Meklo Junior Garcia-Zepeda is the first baby of 2020 in Humboldt County.

The handsome little boy made his entrance at 6:05 p.m. Friday, January 3—just under a week before he was scheduled to be induced on January 8; his actual due date was January 15.

Mom Roma Zepeda said her pregnancy was progressing normally when, at 36 weeks, she woke up one night to intense nausea, chills and cold sweats. What’s more, she felt all pressure from the baby move to her left side.

At her next appointment, HGH Nurse Midwide Merleen Grover confirmed the baby was now breech—meaning the baby was positioned to be born bottom first instead of head first.

Dr. Roger Brecheen, OB/GYN, performed an external cephalic version, a procedure used to try to turn a fetus so that he or she is head down; Roma said Meklo appeared to be very comfortable in his breech position, however, and would not budge!

He was full of even more surprises when Roma went to her 4:30 p.m. doctor’s appointment on Friday, January 3, and learned she was 3 centimeters dilated. At that point, Dr. Breechen said there was no waiting. Meklo was born via C-section just over an hour later.

Of course, Roma and Dad Marcus Garcia are thrilled with their new addition, but Roma admits this pregnancy was not easy.

When daughter Daisie Acevedo was born 17 years ago, “I didn’t know I was in labor,” says Roma.

Meklo, however, was a different story. “It was horrible,” says Roma. “I was sick the whole nine months; it was an interesting pregnancy.”

Meklo weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces, and was 20 inches long.

Maternal grandparents are the late Miguel and Rosa Zepeda; paternal grandparents are Christian and Christine Garcia and Valerie Sue Castaneda.

Roma, who enjoyed playing sports in high school, is planning to immerse her little boy in plenty of sports-related activities. “This one is going to be a jock,” she laughed.

She also is enjoying Meklo’s special moment as Humboldt County’s first baby.

Meklo will enjoy a bounty of gifts from area organizations and businesses that did their part to celebrate the first birth.

The OB nurses at Humboldt General Hospital, led by Monica Sartor, RN, shared gifts for the new baby and mom along with Java Town, The Martin, Shore Line, Rice Jewelers, Simply Trendy, Ladybugs & Lilipadz, Chihuahua’s, The Flying Pig, Papa Murphy’s, Khoury’s, Allure Salon, Second Street Seasonals, The Front Porch, The Griddle, Essential Oils of Winnemucca, Real Deals, Nature’s Corner, Spare Time Bowling, Zion Lutheran Church, The Shirt Shack, Frontier Community Action Agency, Marissa Mendoza Licensed Aesthetician and Winnemucca Little League.

Nurse Monica Sartor, who also owns Lucky Shot Photography, also provided a beautiful mini photo shoot of the new baby.

While Roma said she and Marcus were hoping Meklo would arrive on Christmas, she agreed the bountiful outpouring from the Humboldt County community has certainly made Meklo’s January 3 birth a one-of-a-kind event.