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Pricing transparency

Humboldt General Hospital is committed to helping you understand your financial responsibilities of the medical services you receive. The amount you are charged is determined in large part by the length of your hospital stay (for inpatient care); procedures performed; required testing (such as Radiology or Laboratory services); and any supplies, medications/pharmaceuticals, or special equipment that may be needed.

Please understand that specific charges provided in the chargemaster are HGH's base prices and do not necessarily reflect your financial responsibility. Hospital charges are based on the type of care provided and can differ from patient to patient for the same service. The differences between patients are related to complexity and complications, or varying treatments needed due to the patient's health. Prices for surgeries can vary depending on the surgical provider and the amount of time needed in the operating room. Price does not include physician fees, additional tests that may be needed, anesthesia, and radiology professional fees.

We recommend that you speak with your health insurance provider to assist you in determining your financial responsibility for any service you are considering, or any service that may be provided to you at our hospital.

HGH also provides resources to assist you in obtaining a more accurate financial estimate based on your healthcare benefits related to the services and the care you receive. Our representatives will be happy to help you at 775.623.5222, ext. 1130.