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Become a member today. HGH EMS Rescue can save your life ... and your life savings.

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If you or someone in your family requires a Humboldt General Hospital ambulance, will your out-of-pocket expenses be covered? HGH’s average ambulance bill is lower than most comparable programs in the nation, but if you have a high Medicare or insurance deductible, or are on a fixed income, it may be difficult to cover those costs.

Humboldt General Hospital wants to help you and your family members in the event of a medical emergency. We are pleased to introduce the Humboldt General Hospital EMS Rescue GROUNDGold Ground Transport Membership Program, which will help pay for medically necessary Critical Care Ground Transport to the hospital where you will receive the most appropriate medical care.

HGH’s membership plan is available to those with primary insurance within the HGH EMS Rescue service area, which includes all of Humboldt County, portions of Lander and Pershing counties and southern Oregon. By signing up now for our $55 membership, you will become a GROUNDGold member who is entitled to our life- and cost-saving service.

GROUNDGold is not an insurance policy, nor is it meant to be a substitute for health insurance. If you have no insurance or other coverage, or if your insurance company or other payer denies payment, you will be responsible for the payment of all ambulance fees; however, HGH EMS Rescue will provide a 20 percent discount for GROUNDGold members.

For just $55 a year, your household will be covered for up to 10 medically necessary HGH EMS Rescue ambulance transports per year. With GROUNDGold, you're covered whether you live at home, in a senior care facility or in a nursing home. GROUNDGold does not cover any of the air transport services that Humboldt General Hospital uses including helicopters or fixed wing aircraft.

Protect Your Employees

Businesses within the GROUNDGold service area can also protect their employees and their families for a nominal annual fee. Consider adding a GROUNDGold membership to your employees’ benefits package. Just like our individual plan, HGH EMS Rescue will transport your employees and/or their family members who are experiencing a medical emergency. Not only will this plan afford your employees and their families great peace of mind, but your business can significantly cut down on group medical costs as well. Contact HGH EMS Rescue for group pricing.

Save Thousands

When you become a member of Humboldt General Hospital EMS Rescue’s GROUNDGold Ground Transport Membership Program, you pay only your mandated deductible. As a GROUNDGold member, HGH EMS Rescue will waive the co-payments not covered by insurance, saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Why take the risk? Join now!

Our Commitment

HGH EMS Rescue is committed to providing superior advanced life support to the residents within its service area. We work hard on behalf of all our local residents to provide the most professional and compassionate service available. From our first contact with medical dispatch, to our arrival on scene, to providing exceptional patient care and transport to the hospital where you will receive the most appropriate medical care, HGH EMS Rescue is committed to making this a seamless process.

Your GROUNDGold membership not only allows HGH EMS Rescue the opportunity to help save your life ... but your life savings as well.

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