Occupational Health Services

Humboldt General Hospital Can Help Keep Your Team Healthy

Occupational Health Services are preventive medical services facilitated by an employer to assess employees’ fitness for a specific duty, or to monitor and maintain health and wellness in the workplace.

Our program has been certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and offers various occupational medical services aimed at helping businesses prevent and treat workplace health concerns while ensuring employees have the resources they need to stay healthy on the job.

Our Occupational Services

Humboldt General Hospital’s Occupational Health Services Department can assist employers across all local industries—including construction, mining, and drilling. We work closely with employers to tailor occupational services that meet each company's specific needs.

Our occupational services include:

  • Hearing screenings
  • Occupational pulmonary function tests
  • Respiratory fit tests

Some of these services can be provided on-site at a business or work site while others should be conducted at our facility. Either way, our team is ready to discuss each business’s specific health needs and future plans.

Please call Humboldt General Hospital’s Occupational Health Services Department at (775) 623-5222.