HGH AirOne Membership Program

HGH AirOne Membership Program

HGH AirOne logoWith an unrelenting focus on safety, operational excellence and exceptional patient care, HGH AirOne provides the highest level of air medical services in fulfillment of its community-based mission.

Welcome to the HGH AirOne family. This helicopter is now stationed at Humboldt General Hospital where it provides life-saving air medical transport to critically injured or ill patients.

That’s the good news. The even better news is that medically necessary air medical transport on HGH AirOne is covered for all Humboldt County residents. To qualify as a Humboldt County, Nevada, resident, you must reside in one of the following zip codes: 89445, 89446, 89404, 89414, 89421, 89425, and 89426.

This membership applies ONLY to flights on HGH AirOne, Humboldt General Hospital’s life-saving air medical transport helicopter. This coverage does not apply to other air ambulances and/or programs.

Humboldt General Hospital will call HGH AirOne first for life-saving air medical transport. However, if HGH AirOne is already in service or if other factors, such as weather, prohibit its use, HGH medical personnel will utilize a different air ambulance and the patient and/or his or her family will be responsible for any charges incurred with the alternate ambulance service.

As a MedX AirOne member, you will not incur any out-of-pocket costs if you are flown by HGH AirOne. MedX AirOne will work with your medical insurance provider to secure payment for its air medical services, and any remaining balance is waived. If you are uninsured and a program member, there is no charge.


How long does it take HGH AirOne to fly a patient to higher level care in Reno?

It takes approximately 45 minutes to fly a patient from Humboldt General Hospital to higher level care in Reno. In contrast, to transport the same patient via ground transport ambulance would take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. In cases of heart attack, stroke or accident, those saved minutes really do save lives.

Does Humboldt General Hospital own HGH AirOne?

No, MedX AirOne, LLC, partnered with Humboldt General Hospital in 2015 to bring an air medical transport program to Humboldt General Hospital. As part of the deal, MedX AirOne provides the helicopter, pilots and all maintenance. HGH's job is to provide the program's flight nurses and medics, although MedX reimburses HGH for the crew's wages. All housing and other costs associated with the program are also covered by MedX AirOne.

Is HGH AirOne a stand-alone program?

No. MedX AirOne, the owner of HGH AirOne, has struck deals with officials in Humboldt, Elko, Eureka, Lander, Pershing and White Pine counties to cover every resident living within the six counties. This means if you or a loved one is flown anywhere between the Nevada/Utah border and the western edge of Pershing County, you will not incur any out-of-pocket costs if you are flown by an aircraft owned by MedX AirOne.

Why do I sometimes see two HGH AirOne helicopters on Humboldt General Hospital’s helipad?

You’re not seeing double. In March 2017, MedX AirOne brought in a larger, more capable HGH AirOne to allow swifter flights to out-of-area medical centers and more room inside for patients, their family members, and attending medical personnel. According to Joel Hochhalter, the president and managing member of MedX AirOne, the smaller helicopter will remain in Winnemucca as a backup for the company’s service area, which now covers northern Nevada from Elko to Lovelock.

How is MedX AirOne able to provide air ambulance transport free of charge

MedX AirOne works with each patient's medical insurance provider to secure payment for its air medical services; any remaining balance is waived, including co-pays or deductibles. If you are uninsured and a program member, there is no charge. While helicopter transport is an incredibly expensive service, its life-saving benefits outweigh any possible non-insurance compensation. Everybody deserves the same level of care. Under this program, if you don't have health insurance and you need a higher level of care, you are covered.