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Nutrition services

Whether you have a chronic disease to control or unwanted pounds to lose, eating well can help. But there's a lot to learn about good nutrition. And while you'll find a lot of diet advice online and in popular magazines, there's no substitute for the guidance of a trained professional.

At Humboldt General Hospital, our nutrition services team includes registered dietitian nutritionists who are licensed through the state of Nevada. We have years of experience using evidence-based practices to help people with their nutrition goals. We can teach you about everything from meal planning to reading food labels at the grocery store.

Nutrition classes and counseling

HGH offers nutrition education and support through one-on-one counseling sessions, as well as through small-group classes. We offer education tailored to your needs. We take into account your goals and your unique situation, including your food preferences, so that you can learn to eat the foods you like in moderation.

Here are some of the conditions we help people manage with good nutrition:

  • Diabetes, including gestational diabetes. We can teach you about healthy eating individually in our clinic or as part of our hospital's accredited Diabetes Self-Management Program.
  • Obesity. We offer weight-loss counseling, including counseling to help you prepare for bariatric surgery.
  • Heart failure.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Chronic kidney disease, including kidney failure.

We also work with patients in the hospital as well as residents of our long-term care and memory care communities.

How to meet with one of our registered dietitian nutritionists

You will need a referral from your doctor for an appointment with HGH's nutrition services team.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call 775.623.5222, ext. 1756.

We offer flexible scheduling and will set up an appointment that works with your busy schedule.